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Think or Blue children and gender stereotypes
children and gender stereotypes
Think or Blue children and gender stereotypes

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Crush gender stereotypes and raise confident children

What is

feminist parenting?

And why does it matter?

By the age of 6, girls think that boys are "more brilliant" than they are. Boys are admonished if they cry, and publicly blasted for playing dress-up as female characters.

To make more money, retailers push toys and clothes that are more gendered than ever. Pink and purple sparkly unicorns and kitties are usually the only option for girls, but would subject boys to endless humiliation.

Meanwhile, we still face pay inequity, sexual assault, violence against LGBTQ+ folks, structural racism, and workplace discrimination. We CAN do better, and we must start with the next generation.

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In the Classroom

Girls frequently lack confidence, and boys often overestimate themselves. Here are 6 ways teachers can address gender at school.

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Gender 101

Male and female are sexes, but gender is another story. If you're feeling confused about the many different genders, we can catch you up.

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Pink and blue used to be colors, but now they have turned into strict prescriptions for how children should act. What is the downside?

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